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Brief Introduction Abuot Common Hydraulic Cooling System Equipment

Hydraulic cooling system equipment is mainly used to solve the instability of machine work caused by over-high temperature and production quality problem. Now we use water cooler, wind cooler and oil cooler mostly.



Hydraulic cooling system equipment is specious, small-size, high-performance and reasonable price. With the increase of requirement for hydraulic equipment in many industries, hydraulic cooling system will be new on the verge of a new era.


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1. Water cooler



  Water cooler includes tube-type, plate-type which makes heat exchange by cooling water plays an important role in cooling for indoor equipment.






  2. Wind cooler



  Plate fin-type is the mainly type of wind cooler. Wind cooler depends on fan, using air to cool for moving equipment.






  3. Oil cooler



  Freon is used to cool in oil cooler. It is equivalent to a compressor and a heat exchanger. It is used for indoor equipment when water cooler doesn’t work.






  For industry, agriculture, ocean, chemical industry, light industry and many other industries, their development can’t be without hydraulic cooling system equipment. So it makes hydraulic cooling system all of vigor. From the analysis to hydraulic cooling system, we can find that hydraulic cooling system has enough vigor and varied kinds. It becomes more urgent to study the kinds of hydraulic cooling system.





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