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Hazardous Goods Special Meeting: Safety First

  On August 28, Taizhong Yuci Hydraulic Industry Shanghai Co., Ltd held the “Hazardous Goods Special Meeting” in the second floor meeting room of the office building. Management, middle-level cadres group and related responsible people attended this meeting.


  On the meeting, Huijie Li, the manager unscrambled all the improvement work raised by central, Shanxi Province, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group about the “8.12 Tianjing extraordinarily serious fire accidents” and suggested that we should learn a lesson from this accident, draw inferences about other cases from one instance and eliminate the potential hidden danger to prevent the accidents. The manager declared that “Dangerous Goods Special Improvement Leader Groups” would be founded and safe production responsibility would be ascribed to related people.


  Xulong Wei, the assistant manager raised stricter checking requirements about 6S management. Monthly review results should be included into performance assessment. Every daily site workers are required to eliminate the potential more carefully, putting safe production into first line.


  Jianhong Shi, the assistant manager made a report about implementation scheduling of Lingang Area,requiring contractor and supervisor accomplish the engineering construction ensuring safety, schedule and quality. Currently decoration work has been taken bids on the internet. All the work has been developed actively.


  Jianguan Hao of production department suggested that we should increase input into safety facilities, guarantee work standard, stick to the training of safety work operation before working and enhance the safety operation skills and safety awareness. Operation against rules and disciplines must be avoided. Once discovered, related people will be punished seriously. All potential danger must be destroyed at the beginning.


  Min Dai of planning department made a suggestion that we should train the new employee to operate dangerous chemical goods more carefully, especially the spray painter. It is necessary to organize emergency rescue team, provide rescue facilities and equipment. Emergency management and exercise is required to be strengthened.


  The purpose of the meeting is to strengthen safe consciousness of the employee. As we all know every evil in the bud is easily crushed. So taking 6S management into action seriously can prevent safety accidents and make safe production come true.


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