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TZYY took part in INTERMAT 2015

  INTERMAT is one of the three big famous engineering machinery industry exhibition in the world. The exhibition was showing the products and key parts which are the latest, the highest technical from engineering machinery manufacturers in the world, providing platform of business cooperation for establish and developing international business cooperation. All the company in the field of construction
engineering machinery will appear and show enterprise strength.


  2015 Paris International Exposition of construction machinery and construction machinery April 20 to 25, 2015.  INTERMAT 2015 is hold in Paris, France. In order to strengthen international trade cooperation and technical exchange with Europe, TZYY's exhibition gallery about hydraulic pumps and hydraulic valves to show guests from all over the world. Deputy General Manager Wang Hongbing, Deputy manager Zhang Kai of hydraulic pump branch, salesman Lian Xiaohua of hydraulic valve branch were participate in the exhibition to behalf of TYZZ.


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